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Car Wash Systems

Maryland Pump & Tank provides sales, installation and service of the Oasis brand of touchless car wash systems and NuStar car and pet wash systems.

Oasis Car Wash Systems

Oasis Car Wash Systems delivers dependable, high speed, efficient car wash Oasis Car Wash Systemsequipment. From the fastest touch-free system on the market, to the JetStream Line of self-serve equipment, to the only expandable car wash on the market today, Oasis Car Wash Systems and Maryland Pump & Tank are here to meet all your car wash needs.

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Buildings
  • Retrofits
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Chemicals
  • Unitec POS and Entrance Systems
  • Wall Panel Systems
  • Wynd Star Doors

Why Choose Oasis?

  • Speed - the fastest touch-free system on the market
  • Durability - exclusive rack and pinion drive
  • Five year drive system warranty
  • Self-serve systems
  • Lower service costs
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For additional information, visit Oasis Car Wash Systems or contact Josh Karrash.

NuStar Car Wash Systems

NuStar has been manufacturing rollover automatic car wash equipment for over 40 years. Maryland Pump & Tank offers the NuStar Soft Touch Foam machines,NuStar designed to provide increased productivity and profitability. All NuStar car washes offer minimum hassles with maximum returns!

NuStar also manufactures pet wash salons – perfect for self-serve car washes, RV and camping parks, detail shops, veterinary clinics, up-scale condo buildings, pet stores and dog parks. Contact MP&T today to learn more! Financing is available for your next project!